A good interview is said to be when there is two-way communication. The number of questions your interviewer asks you, you should also be having some questions to ask the interviewer. It is more important to convey to your interviewers that not only have you done your research, but you’ve also thought about this information in ways that show how your skills would impact the company. Below are some common things you should do before going for the interview.

Check the company profile: It is a very standard practice that the company researches about the candidate before he or she enters the company. So you should do the same before coming for the interview thoroughly go through the companies profile, website, and social media account. Just to understand who they are and what are their achievements and to get a clear idea of their vision.

How will you impact the revenue: Whenever you are there for an interview, whatever is your position or role in the company is, please understand how your presence can impact the company’s bottom line in both the good and the bad way. Practice and be confident in your potential and things you are good at and before going for the interview research in the direction of your potential.

Challenges faced by the company: When you understand what your company does and what is its goals and missions. Try digging out the challenges faced by the company. You should research with the help of social media and the website of the company and be aware of the core challenges faced by the company. When you are there for the interview try discussing these problems and try to explain how are you capable of solving these issues and challenges faced by the company. Explain to them that you would love to contribute your potential in setting the goals high and resolve the challenges.

Who are the company’s competitors: While you are researching over your company try to have little idea about their competitors. You might not have the idea of marketing but try to know their position in the market and a few reasons why are they doing so good in the market. So that when you are at your interview you can discuss this with your interviewer and explain the reasons why maybe we are lagging behing. It will create an impressive image of you.

Try finding out what you don’t know: Before starting your new career it is very important to know about the trend, kind and nature of the industry you are working in. you should know the DO’s and Dont’s about the industry. Try finding out all that you don’t know and try to fix all the things so that you be able the bloom and grow with the industry.

Now, whenever you are planning for the interview keep these thins in mind and ask relevant questions to your interviewer.

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