An Overview of Chemical Engineering jobs in India

Chemical engineers are masters of innovation and have a vast knowledge of engineering subjects. They are well-versed in the application of physics, chemistry, biology, and math. Primarily, they work in the sectors that would require an expert in the field of conducting chemical procedures. Chemical engineering jobs can range from something a simple as new production or preservation methods for food items, to something as complex as electricity generation, or separating particular components and molecules.

Qualifications required to be a professional

To be considered a full-fledged chemical engineer, one has to finish at least a bachelor’s in chemical engineering or bachelor of technology with a chemical stream. There are other names for the qualification, but it is generally related to any engineering. However, it is beneficial if the individual also processes internship experience regarding practices. Thus, building a strong experience for the practical application.

For further expertise and promotions

Furthermore, it is always great to pursue, at least, a master’s degree in countries like India. As the country is full of highly-qualified professionals, it is always a brilliant idea to prepare yourself. Due to the high education requirements, most of the chemical engineers also require Masters to land a high paying job or a higher promotion. A Ph.D. is a better option for someone looking to become a full-fledged scientist and conduct researches, teach, or publish papers. 

Where do they work

A chemical engineer works anywhere from the office to laboratories. It usually depends on their position and the details of their jobs. Industrial areas tend to employ chemical engineers, similar to any other stream of engineers. It is a full-time job and does not offer many of the project-based or part-time benefits. The field requires adequate passion or interest to flourish as a well-accomplished individual. However, it is true to any field of profession in the world.

Salary Options
Chemical engineering jobs are often higher-paying than other streams of engineering. It is also relative to the amount of risk or works it would be required. At an average, a chemical engineer has a salary ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 lakhs per anum in India. That is an average of around $100,000.

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