Software engineers are the less appreciated bunch in the employment chain, and people hardly know about all that they can do and the jobs they are assigned. Anything from clicking on a button on our screens is possible because of a software engineer.

It is somewhat surprising when this information hits us. There are so many software engineer jobs, and there is so much that they are involved in that it is almost shocking. Here are some of the best opportunities for anyone who is a software engineer.

Mobile developer

This job type is the most earning option out of all the options that are there. It includes developing applications, and anyone working in the field should have knowledge of various programming languages. A mobile developer is someone who ensures our applications run properly and there are no crashes.

Quality assurance analyst

Out of all the software engineer jobs, this pays the lest but still pays well. These professionals are responsible for checking there are no bugs or errors in the software being developed which is why they work closely with developers. Any tests that have to be run on the apps or software under construction will be done by them. This is more a junior software engineer position.

Database administrator

These professionals are the ones responsible about the information that goes back and forth and its safekeeping. Anything that concerns data has to go by them, from recovering it, troubleshooting and much more. In the end, their job is that the database is functioning properly without any issues at hand. Hence, their job is pretty tricky as well.

Applications supervisor

This is the job that any senor software engineer would be doing as he/she would be responsible for leading a team of developers. They also coordinate with everyone working on the same project, and along with technical skills, management skills are also expected out of them. The pay for this position is equivalent to that of a developer.


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