CV plays an important role for both, when you are just beginning your career and when you are searching for a new job. A good CV can add an extra point when it comes to a job interview. Preparing a CV is very easy once you know what are the things you should keep in mind when you are preparing your CV. Below are some points that you should keep in mind while preparing your CV:

Pay attention to the format

Format plays a very important role when it comes to the CV. Even the most deserving and good CVcan fail just because of the format. Do not use fancy fonts and bright colors, keep your CV basically and mostly black and white. And also keep the alignment on point and equal and each column or sections are clear and even. Your CV should not look messy and clumsy and it should be easy-to-read font and format. Your CV should look professional.

Bullet points
When you are beginning to explain something in detail use bullet points because it makes it more clear and specific. It is really a good way to make your experience, achievements, awards, and hobbies clear and specific in the CV. Using bullet points is also essential because it directly catches the eye to the interviewer and the interviewer can easily understand what u want to express in the cv without going into too many unnecessary details. When it comes to the bullet point itself, the little black dot is adequate with no ticks or squares.

Pay attention to the length
There is no specific limit for the length of the CV. But a good or a standard CV should not exceed more than 2 pages. A one page CV is sufficient for a graduate or a person with limited experience. But if you have a varied and great career history CV can go upto 2 pages, because ultimately the length of your CV will depend on the level of your educational qualification and your career history. If your CV exceeds the average length and think critically and try to concise the details which are relevant.

Mention your achievements and awards
Awards are the best way to express your personality. If you have receives any award or achievement in your previous office or the company mention in your CV. It enhances your personality and your impression on the interviewer.

Avoid typo mistakes
Your CV tells a lot about you so its very important that the CV is 100% errorless. Make it very clear that the CV does not contain any kind of typo mistake, grammatical, functional or spelling mistakes. Before sending your CV review it properly several times to avoid any kind of typo, grammatical or spelling mistakes. Because once the interviewer catches your mistake there is no point justifying your self and this mistake can have a negative impact on the interviewer.

Avoid unnecessary personal details:
Personal details such as name, nationality, and date of birth are fine but unnecessary details such as religion, height, weight, and health are not at all required. Avoid all those pieces of information that do not add any value to your CV.

Remember, writing a resume is a learned skill. With persistence and patience, you will eventually land the job you want.

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