The Campus Ambassador Program is a platform for students who are passionate about creating an impact to start and run an active club on their campus. A Campus Ambassador is a leader with a keen interest in starting and building a community to share knowledge and resources. You will be the face of END and LS at your campus. You will be the representative of our vision for hosting great technical/non-technical sessions, workshops, programming contests, hackathons and building a great network of people all around the globe.

Roles And Responsibilities

Here are some of the best practices that we expect each of the Campus Ambassador to follow:

Organize Events
Promoting Events And Us

The success of an event is judged by the number of people who participated in it which would reflect on the feedback of your progress. Now, before the event, the members of your team have to make sure that the event is properly promoted and publicized within the college and on Social Media and after which the event photos and a short report can be shared on your pages.

Submitting The Details
During And After The Program

For any other queries contact or WA on 9990992867.

To Apply: